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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: Gardens for Growth

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

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Gardens for Growth

Authors: Casey Goldstone, Patricia Golden, Baylee Shea, and Chrystal Weber

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano, MSN, RN, CNM, CNE


Gardens for Growth was designed to increase nutritional knowledge, increase emotional wellbeing, and provide a lasting experience for the adolescents living at Morningstar Children and Family Services. During the project the group built eight raised beds filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables. The gardens will provide food and be used as an emotional outlet for the adolescents living on the Morningstar campus. The objective of this service-learning project is to promote, enhance and bring awareness to the effects of gardening for children with mental health disabilities and in the foster system. The community will have access to healthy food items and hands-on activity for years to come. This project taught us different ways of impacting the residents of the Morningstar community.