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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: “SOAR” To Exercise and Good Nutrition

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

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“SOAR” To Exercise and Good Nutrition

Authors: Addison Pedraza, Sam Lanier, and Lynda Kirk

Faculty Supervisor: Lesley Leonard, Ph.D.


For our service-learning project, our Wellness Methods and Strategies class partnered with SOAR- an organization that provides social opportunities and recreation for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  In our time at SOAR, we developed activities for the clients that were based on recreation and wellness. As a group, we developed a short exercise circuit in which the clients were able to learn how to use resistance bands, dumbbells, and their own body weight to achieve a better idea of how to become physically fit. This was followed by a nutrition lesson in which the clients were provided with healthy snacks and an explanation as to why each snack was beneficial to their bodies after a workout. Additionally, we planned a short Valentine’s Day party in which the clients made cards, a sweet treat and took photos in a photo booth. We also participated as assistants and observers when other groups were conducting their lessons in order to provide constructive criticism and problem solving strategies to further improve lesson plans in the following weeks. The goal of our service-learning project was to provide social opportunities and recreational activities to the clients at SOAR while also building interpersonal relationships. We believe this goal was achieved and exceeded. Thanks to our service-learning grant, we have been able to purchase materials the program needed and use them for our lesson plans, introducing new and fun approaches of how to achieve health and wellness.