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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: Gameplay and First Aid Teaching: Creating an Interactive Learning Experience for Students

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

Presentation Details

Gameplay and First Aid Teaching: Creating an Interactive Learning Experience for Students

Authors: Tabatha Bates, Megan Buckles, Whitney Johnston, Kimberly Mount, Precious Robinson, Hailey Waldron, and Meghan Williams

Faculty Supervisor: Dawana Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE


This project was focused on creating an interactive learning experience for high school students attending Golden Isles College and Career Academy (GICCA). Our group used gameplay and teamwork by the students to present information on first aid topics that included injury, basic life support, and mental health. The game was used both as a way to test what they already knew and as a teaching opportunity for what they did not. Because teenagers can have short attention spans, it was our intention to make the presentation engaging and challenging to them by splitting them into teams for a little fun competition. Throughout our presentation, we used the Teach Back method to reinforce the education we were providing and evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching. We met our objective outcomes of Civic Learning, Academic Enhancement, and Personal Growth as we developed the game and teaching material around the developmental level and psychosocial behavior of the group we presented to (Intro to Healthcare students at GICCA). Our hope for the future of this project is that we can continue utilizing this teaching method to engage students in learning.