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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: Arco Community Redevelopment Project

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

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Arco Community Redevelopment Project

Authors: Olivia Clark, Shelbey Anderson, John Zangla, and Lady Lopez

Faculty Supervisor: Heather Farley, Ph.D.


Working with multiple community partners throughout the semester, our class was able to create and Arco Community Profile for the Arco Neighborhood Association to use as a guideline to better understand what the Arco community may need. Arco is located west of the College of Coastal Georgia between Altama Ave. and Newcastle Street. Arco has the potential to grow and flourish as a community based on location, business opportunities, and the citizens who live there. Research was conducted by the students in PUBM 4200 using census data, parcel maps, and GIS data provided by Glynn County’s GIS office. From there, we developed a community profile and a survey for the Neighborhood Association to hand out at their monthly meetings to gain pertinent insight into what the citizens of Arco want and need in their community. This feedback can be used by the Neighborhood Association and Glynn County’s Planning Department to inform the community redevelopment plan. As students, we want to see our community flourish and thrive. By helping the Arco community, we believe it will create a positive impact not only on Brunswick, but Glynn County as a whole.