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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: Always Be Clean, Practice Good Hygiene

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

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Always Be Clean, Practice Good Hygiene

Authors: Shea Sculthorpe, Jana Clary, Josh Berrie, and Anthony Turlington

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano MSN, RN, CNM, CNE


Our group did our service-learning project on hygienic needs for lower socioeconomic individuals at Gateway Behavior Services located off highway 341. We partnered with the Gateway ACT team because they're a local agency that voiced a need for additional education on basic hygiene to its clientele. By providing education to this group of individuals we were able to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce the risk of negative health impacts on a portion of the population who can spread the knowledge we shared with other peers. This project allows individuals to identify helpful resources within the community, demonstrate a willingness to change their current hygienic practices, and demonstrate the correct use of the products. Future implications will allow these individuals to communicate with their family, friends, and peers on proper hygienic practices to reduce the risk of poor health by decreasing the rate of infectious disease.