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2019 Service-Learning Symposium: Coastal Outreach Soccer

2019 Service-Learning Symposium

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Coastal Outreach Soccer

Authors: Michael Hall, Lynda Kirk, Kim McNerlin, and J'Nosha Miller

Faculty Supervisor: J. Jesse Demello, Ed.D.


Youth sport organizations are in dire need of help trying to know their athletes' physical abilities for the purpose of sport performance and athlete safety. The purpose of this project was to help a local soccer club, Coastal Outreach Soccer (COS), determine the physical characteristics and soccer specific physical abilities of their participants. The following data were obtained: age, height, weight and BMI. Additionally, resting heart rate, blood pressure and flexibility were also collected. Lastly, the participants also performed 20-meter shuttle run and 300-yard shuttle run tests to determine their aerobic and anaerobic endurance, respectively. The participants' mean age, height, weight and BMI were 13.4 yr., 157.9 cm, 87 kg and 30.4 kg'rn2 and 12.5 yr., 168 cm,62.9 kg and 24.9 kg'rn2 for the girls and boys respectively. The girls' and boys' blood pressure, resting heart rate and flexibility were 113/69 mmHg, 84 bpm and 33.7 cm and 121/73 mmHg, 74.5 bpm and 27.8 cm, respectively. the results of the 20-m shuttle and 300-yard shuttle runs were 26-shuttles for the boys and girls and 75 sec. and 80 sec. for the girls and boys, respectively and a fatigue index of 35%.