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2014 Service-Learning Symposium: Game Time: CRCT Preparation through Math & Reading

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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Game Time: CRCT Preparation through Math & Reading

Authors: Christian Mahany, Stacey Ward, Dawn Stewart, and Lindsay Blankenship

Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Phillis George


Parents strive for their children to grow to their full capacity. At a young age, academics are a necessity to develop a strong, stable future. Therefore, we decided to come up with ways to strengthen their education through fun games! After talking to the head of the Boys and Girls Club, Kim Raines, she agreed with us that coming up with games was very educational. Our games are directed to help prepare the children for the CRCT since it is coming up soon. We came up with five games including Equation Bingo, Odds and Even Match (for math), The Dictionary Game, The Quarter between the Knees Game, and Words from a Word. These games are created to enhance young children's skills in vocabulary, spelling, and reading! These games are fun, yet educational and help the children grow in the classroom without them even realizing it!