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2014 Service-Learning Symposium: Teaching Social Studies Standards “Textbook-less” Through Physical Education Activities

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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Teaching Social Studies Standards “Textbook-less” Through Physical Education Activities

Author: Dr. Sarah R. Hartman

Abstract (Poster and Presentation):

In the fall of 2013, Dr. Sarah Hartman’s social studies methods class, Effective Instruction: Social Sciences, partnered with Jane Macon Middle School (JMMS) for a service-learning project. Under Dr. Hartman’s guidance, the middle grades education teacher candidates collaborated with JMMS Principal and three 7th grade social studies teachers to make social studies lessons more engaging through innovative physical education activities.  Course goals included creating and implementing lesson plans to more effectively teach social studies, and boosting related CRCT scores through active, engaged learning. The lesson plans utilized physical education activities and supplemental materials to teach middle school students social science concepts without relying on a textbook. Teacher candidates gained an hour of practical teaching experience in the classroom each week and worked with local teachers to ensure the lessons aligned with the school system’s pacing guide. The principal at JMMS, as well as the teachers with whom the CCGA teacher education candidates collaborated with, noted that there is substantial data that shows improved retention of the knowledge gained during these unique physical education social science lessons.