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2014 Service-Learning Symposium: 18th Annual International Field Study Program Tinjil Island, Indonesia

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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18th Annual International Field Study Program Tinjil Island, Indonesia 15 Aug. - 10 Sept. 2013

Author: Ayla Wilson

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Karen Hambright


International Field Study Program, Indonesia (IFSP) provided ten college students from around the world an introduction to the disciplines of conservation biology, global health, field research methods, and community outreach education.   The Purpose of this course was to educate students on the basic principles of conservation biology, provide them with “hands on” experience using various methods employed in field research, an introduction to primate behavior and ecology, population and ecosystem management, human animal interaction and conflicts, and the relationship between the environment and global health.  The outreach education program was designed to help educate and involve the local school children from the surrounding villages on issues related to the importance of conserving biodiversity and its implications on global health. Outreach education programs are effective in helping to promote environmental awareness and a sense of commitment to conservation.