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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Nutrition and Hydration Education for College Athletes

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Nutrition and Hydration Education for College Athletes

Authors: Emma Anderson, Kim Hanly, Kelley Jordan, Vincesha Morgan, and Ryan Wylie

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano, MSN


In the Community Health Nursing service-learning course, one need that was found during the windshield survey of the College of Coastal Georgia's campus, was the lack of education regarding nutrition and hydration among college athletes.  College athletes are at a greater risk for dehydration and poor nutrition due to their hectic schedules and limited nutritious food options in the Mariner’s Galley.  In reviewing different literature sources about the significance of nutrition and hydration, it was determined that the group needed to present an oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint to properly educate the athletes on evidence-based practice regarding healthy lifestyle choices to better their athletic performance and improve their overall health.