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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Today’s Issues for Today’s Boys

Presentation Details

Today’s Issues for Today’s Boys

Authors: Reed Powell, Candice Mills-Browning, and Sydneye Younger

Faculty Supervisor: Dawana Gibbs, RN, MSN, CNE


As a group we were assigned to work with the Boys & Girls Club as our community partner. We chose to work with the 10-12 year old boys. We developed a plan to cover topics that are prevalent in this age group. Our teaching covered bullying, peer pressure, and substance abuse. We took an interactive approach to engage the boys in learning about these topics. An assessment of the boys’ knowledge was done in the beginning of the presentation by asking general questions pertaining to the topics to be covered. A brief overview covering each individual section was given after we obtained the boys’ level of knowledge pertaining to the topics we were educating them on. The boys were then split into three groups and picked team names; Squirtles, Wolves, and Kool-Aid. Our group had designed a Jeopardy board filled with questions that covered all the information we had discussed with the boys earlier pertaining to our topics. The game kept the boys engaged in our teaching. We kept score and the promise of a reward for the winning team had them all putting forth their best efforts! The boys were all given goody bags filled with notebooks, pens, candy, and other fun little things at the end of the Jeopardy game. The winning team received a little something special! The overall project was a success and we were able to pass on some valuable knowledge to these boys. The education we provided them with will hopefully be used as a tool to make good choices when they are faced with the potential to make bad decisions.