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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: FACES Prekindergarten Center

Presentation Details

FACES Prekindergarten Center

Authors: Ashley Shields, Kemp Denison, Katherine Jenkins, Bethany McCrae, Kinyatta James, and Christina Simmons

Faculty Supervisor: Beverly Rowe RN, MSN,CNE



Our group presented three stations to our class of 4 year olds at FACES Pre-K. Our first station was for hand-washing. This station emphasized when you should wash your hands, and for how long. With the help of a black light, we were able to show the class the amount of bacteria still left on their hands after washing them. Our second station was focused on healthy food choices. This station highlighted the food pyramid and the significance of a colorful diet. We used a magnetic board to allow the children to correctly place food items in their respective group. Our final station concentrated on fire safety. At this station we stressed the importance of dialing 911 in the event of a fire, as well as how to Stop, Drop and Roll. With an interactive fire truck the children were able to be a firefighter for the day, and even put out the fire in their new firefighter helmets. Our group presentation went very well and everyone involved was rewarded by the experience!