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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Childhood Seat Belt Safety Promotion

Presentation Details

Childhood Seat Belt Safety Promotion

Authors: Valerie Higgins-Blatz, Holly Cochran, Karin Johnson, Claire Weil, and Tiana Simmons

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Lydia Watkins and Dr. Sarah Hartman


After conducting a detailed literature review in our pediatric nursing service-learning course, we decided to implement a teaching project on seat belt and car seat safety using current research findings and evidence-based nursing practice. We decided to determine what the current car seat safety laws were in the state of Georgia and how informed the community was in regards to the laws that were updated in 2011. We researched the Georgia Department of Transportation and found the current state requirements on car seats and the statute that informs parents of the height and weight requirements. We gathered this information and produced a flyer for adults with children and for friends of adults with children. Many of the adults had no idea that there was a law change and that the required height was now 4’9” or 80 pounds for children in car seats. They also were unaware that it is a requirement that the car seats are manufactured with a 5-point harness restraint system. Our project was well received in the community as we did present in two different venues. The adults found our information helpful and they were grateful for the flyers to provide proof of the state law to other family members and friends. Throughout this project, the nursing students collaborated with the School of Education teacher candidate students as a grant was written, received, current age-appropriate books related to the education topic were identified, purchased, and given to the schools, and bulletin boards were developed to further the teaching of this topic in the school.