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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: ASN Nursing Students Caring for Kids in the Community

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ASN Nursing Students Caring for Kids in the Community 

Authors: Dawana Gibbs, RN, MSN, CNE, Beverly Rowe RN, MSN,CNE, Donna Turner, RN, MSN



Service-learning for this course was designed to reinforce outcomes by providing health and/or safety related teaching to a variety of pediatric populations. Examples include dental hygiene and fire safety for younger children and heart health for adolescents.  The contact person for the partner collaborated with faculty and students to identify an appropriate topic  related to health promotion/illness prevention for the age-group and for high risk populations. Students assigned to 6 groups developed and delivered teaching presentations to 6 separate assigned pediatric communities.  For the project, students had to call upon course concepts and skills such as developmental theory, communication, teamwork, and sensitivity to diversity. Outcomes were reinforced through students working as a group, considering principles of health promotion, and exposing themselves to the health beliefs, needs and practices of children and adolescents in the community.