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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Glynn County Headstart

Presentation Details

Glynn County Headstart

Author: Jamilah Nelson

Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Carla Bluhm


While volunteering at Glynn County Headstart, I am able to participate in various
activities. While here, I am working alongside the teacher of the classroom to assist her in the class daily routine. I quickly learned their daily schedule, and how many of them react upon entering school for the day. At Glynn Co. Head start, they all the same age of three year old. Volunteering here has helped me gain experience in working with children of this age group. Also, being able to assist the teacher in what she needs. Working with children this age, I also learned how they react to each other and their awareness of their surrounding. Many of them, although only three years old have already learned what they are supposed to do once entering the school classroom for the day. Working along the teacher here has been a pleasant experience, that will truly be unforgettable. I have gained so much hands on experience during this service learning class, to apply with my class knowledge provided to me.