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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Pint Pirates

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Pint Pirates

Author: Alysha Drummond

Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Carla Bluhm


During my service-learning with Brunswick High School, I provided services as a student teacher. I spent time in a program named ‘Pint Pirates’ which teaches three and four year olds different concepts and learning developmental skills. They learn a range of social, cognitive, emotional, and interaction skills in this program. I did a variety of things will helping Mrs. McDaniel’s in this program. I have helped the children with their dialing project (serving as one of the student teachers), ran errands for the teacher, made copies of crossword puzzles for another class, help another student with her Earth day project for the kids to create, while also assisting with any other duties. This program applies to me because I am currently enrolled in an Infant and Childhood Psychology course at the College of Coastal Georgia. It relates to my major and it also helps me understand how children in infancy stages think cognitive, emotionally, and socially.