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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: The World of Birds Show: Where Education Creates Conservation

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The World of Birds Show: Where Education Creates Conservation

Author: McKenzie Bender

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. C. Tate Holbrook


I worked as a bird show intern at the Minnesota Zoo during summer 2015. There I learned the basic care for many bird of prey and parrot species. I also learned how to handle the birds. While there, I was able to help out with the bird shows that went on every day at the zoo as well as lead backstage tours for the public. The most important thing that I helped with was conservation. For every show, donations were taken that were then used to save endangered bird species. Recently, the Minnesota Zoo World of Birds Show was able to use the donations to team with the World Parrot Trust Fund and fund the creation of a Hyacinth Macaw Reserve in Piaui, Brazil. Because of their action, Hyacinth Parrots were taken off of the endangered species list in 2014.