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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Bringing Disney to Field Day

Presentation Details

Bringing Disney to Field Day

Authors: Tuesday Farmer

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Carla Bluhm


For my service-learning project, I volunteered my time and effort into helping making Field Day 2016 at Golden Isles Elementary School in Brunswick, GA a success! I spend a lot of time at this school and every year, I help out in anyway possible. Coach Croslyn puts A LOT of time and consideration every year and makes field day a experience that most schools do not get to experience. Every year a theme is given to field day. One year it was the rodeo, another year it was "Surf's UP", and this year's theme was "Disney." All of the obstacles are about a different Disney movie, such as Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Monster Inc. As a part of my service learning, I got to spend many hours working with staff preparing all of the obstacle courses for the event, and then I spent two entire days playing with children from every grade level (Kindergarten through 5th grade).