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2016 Service-Learning Symposium: Lactation Station

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Lactation Station

Authors: Rebecca Bullard, Megan Kahan, Margaret Powell, Zhane Jones, Jasmine Southwell,  and Rachel Kernes

Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Carla Bluhm



The goal of our service-learning experience was to bring community and campus awareness to the lactation station. To achieve this goal we have reached out to the crow’s nest of CCGA, which is the campus newspaper. We also taught the administrator in the health center how to properly use it in case someone has questions, which will enhance the nursing mother's experience. We then reached out to the hospital to let them know that this is something we are offering at CCGA in case some of their patients want to attend here. This is a great asset to our school to help attract nursing mothers. Through these actions we hope to have brought more awareness to this new feature at the college. We also hope now that we have started to further awareness of the lactation station that people in the future will continue to put forth effort into making this a safe haven for nursing mothers.