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2015 Service-Learning Symposium: Wayne Service Center: Making a Difference

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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Presentation Details

Wayne Service Center: Making a Difference by Providing Comprehensive Services to Individuals with Developmental Disability and their Families

Authors: Samantha Barwick, Sherrie Curry, Victoria Jacobs, and Michelle Iglesias

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Kimberly Kinsey Mannahan


The Pineland – Wayne Service Center is an adult day program for individuals with developmental disabilities. The center provides services to minimize the impact of disabilities on the lives of individuals and families. They offer training, rehabilitation services, and case management services that promote inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in the community. The goals of our service-learning project were to create more social opportunities for the consumers in order to enhance relationships between the consumers, the agency, and the community, foster participation and volunteerism for consumers and members of the community, and celebrate ability by adopting and promoting a shift in perspective focused on ability rather than on disability. We hosted a royal celebration that focused on importance and value of consumers, a fall festival to foster community participation with the agency and the consumers, and a black light show, which celebrated the abilities of consumers.