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2015 Service-Learning Symposium: Nakuru, Kenya

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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Nakuru, Kenya

Author: Alyssa Keeve


For my 2015 spring break trip, I decided to go on a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) mission trip to Mountain Park Academy in Nakuru, Kenya. Since this mission trip was through FCA we were able to play different sports such as volleyball, all the way in Kenya. Since the boys had football we thought it would be a great idea to teach the girls volleyball. we had suitcases full all kinds of useful donations that we brought over with all different types of sport balls to play with and use for the sports that we were teaching. Students loved being outside laughing and playing together through sports. the girls were excited to have their own special sport and by the end of the week everyone wanted to play. the great thing about doing a mission trip that involves sports is how everyone can have fun playing sports together. one of the more difficult parts of teaching a sport and coaching was the language barrier but learning the native language of Swahili helped provide a bridge to communication.