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2015 Service-Learning Symposium: Strengthening Our Community: Building Sustainable Partnerships

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

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Strengthening Our Community: Building Sustainable Partnerships That Promote Health and Well-Being of the Homeless Aggregate Through Service-Learning Curriculum in a Community-Focused Nursing Course

Author: Dr. Dawn Eldred


Students in the final semester of the BSN program take Community-Focused Nursing to further hone the leadership and critical thinking skills required of a novice nurse, but they also gain the knowledge and experience to assess and determine the needs of entire communities. Service-learning curriculum and experiences add depth and richness to community nursing curriculum, and provide invaluable learning opportunities for students, instructors, and the community partners. The result of this collaborative learning endeavor is a healthier community with access to resources that promote well-being. This poster presentation illustrates how two groups of senior BSN students in the Service-Learning, Community-Focused Nursing Course worked closely with two different community partners in Brunswick, Georgia to address the health disparity of homelessness and access to basic comfort and care, as well as health resources.