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2015 Service-Learning Symposium: Grace House of Brunswick

2014 Service-Learning Symposium

Presentation Details

Grace House of Brunswick

Authors: Katie Briscoe, Jacquelyn Ferguson, Lauren Lovato, Holly McLeod, and Jennifer Messer

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Kimberly Kinsey Mannahan


Grace House is a faith-based peer support 12-step residential recovery program for women. The program requires the residents to live in the 6100 sq ft. historic home in downtown Brunswick, GA for 9 to 12 months. For our service-learning project, we worked closely with Linda Lowe, the creator and Director of Grace House, and Assistant Director, Vic Haggard. We learned how the dream of this non-profit organization became a reality, and how it is maintained. We designed and hosted an interactive instructional cooking class for the women of Grace House. We also prepared a cookbook keepsake for each resident containing detailed recipes. Additionally, we collected donations for Grace House throughout the semester. This project taught us the power of collaboration, a great deal about non-profit organizations, event planning, time management, and the benefits of peer support groups.