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ENGL 1102: Confronting Oppression: Annotated Bibliography

A guide for Dr. Mary McGinnis' course, ENGL 1102: Confronting Oppression (CRN 21378 | Spring 2020)

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Bibliography is a list of books, articles, websites, films, and other sources that you have cited in your scholarly work. The materials are usually related to a particular topic, organized alphabetically and formatted in a certain citation style such as APA or MLA.

An Annotated Bibliography is a bibliography that includes brief descriptions of each citation. The description  both summarizes and offers a critical analysis of the source in about 150 words. Annotated Bibliographies can be descriptive, evaluative, informative or a combination. Ask your professor if you are unsure of which type of Annotative Bibliography is required for your assignment. 

Credit: Research Therapy: What's an Annotated Bibliography? by Oviatt Library, California State University, Northridge on YouTube