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What is a database?

Source: What are Databases and Why You Need Them by Yavapai College Library on YouTube

Databases vs. Search Engines



(Examples: GALILEO Databases, ProQuest, EBSCOHost) 


(Examples: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Firefox) 


Scholarly, peer-reviewed, licensed journal articles and books, as well as newspapers, images, films, all with no advertising and no "phishing" for personal information

Commercial, advertising, blogs, personal sites, social media, educational, governmental, nonprofits, political

Class assignments and when you need reliable, scholarly, or peer-reviewed sources

Entertainment, shopping, and when you have the time to vet or evaluate each source your find

College pays for subscriptions and licenses for students, faculty, and staff to access password-protected databases

Mostly free with some paywalls for articles or "phishing" for personal information such as email addresses
EASE OF USE Databases have tools such as limiters or filters and other features to help you narrow or broaden your search to find relevant reliable information No tools to help you find or cite sources
PERMANENCE Very few changes Pages may move, be deleted, or may not be updated