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Coastal Scholars Showcase 2021: Campfire Lectures and Innovations in Online Teaching During a Pandemic – A Film


Presentation Details

Presenter: Dr. Carla Bluhm

Title: Associate Professor of Psychology

Department: Social Sciences



During 2020 I decided to wholeheartedly adopt a forward-thinking attitude about teaching online from home and invited my students to also think “outside of the box” in their attitudes about learning in the online environment. Together, we took cues from our home learning across our lifespan and taught and learned from inside of our kitchens, the very soul of some of our first life lessons. I used a campfire in my yard as a backdrop for my students and lectured live as students stared at the campfire and listened to my lecture. Another day we used “aromatherapy” such as incense, aromatic teas, and so forth to see if these experiences awakened a part of the brain not accessed in a traditional four white wall learning environment. Here, in this talk, I explain what these experiences were like for myself and the insights I gained while teaching online during the pandemic.


Dr. Carla Bluhm