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Sea Turtles: Conservation Efforts

In this guide you will find a brief overview of the different sea turtle species and research materials available on these reptiles

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center was created and is operated by the Jekyll Island Authority as a primary conservation program dedicated to increasing awareness through sea turtle education, rehabilitation, and research programs. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is an advanced hospital but is open to the general public, offering an interactive Exhibit Gallery and Rehabilitation Pavilion with a many sea turtle patients regularly on view for guests. Indoor and outdoor educational programs are available year-round for guests of all ages.

Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch, Inc


Amelia Island 

Sea Turtle Watch Inc.

The Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch, Inc. was formed in 1985 to integrate a variety of activities focused on the conservation of Amelia Island's nesting sea turtle population. The organization's primary function is to survey Amelia Island's beaches during May through October, the months of sea turtle nesting and hatchling emergence, to enhance nesting success and to collect accurate data on nesting activity.