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One Button Studio+: Guide

Note: The setup for some of the One Button Studio equipment featured on some sites and in videos in this guide might be different from the setup at Gould Library. Ask a librarian if you need help.

The Presentation Practice Room (Room 127) at Gould Library includes the One Button Studio+ and a Revolution Lightboard for presentations.

The One Button Studio+ is a simplified video recording studio that allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras.

The Revolution Lightboard is transparent and illuminated, and lets presenters have the feel of using a traditional whiteboard while facing the audience and maintaining eye contact. It is used with the One Button Studio+.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Reserve the Presentation Practice Room. (You will receive a confirmation email.)
  2. Set up your space. Ask a librarian about using lounge chairs or other furniture, a podium, or other props from the library. If you're using the Revolutions Lightboard, make sure it is in place.
  3. Turn off the room lights.
  4. Insert your thumb drive into the dock to begin. (Your thumb drive should be at least 2GB. You may need more storage space for longer recordings.)
  5. Press the red button to start recording. Press the green button for the green screen if you plan to insert a background during the editing process. (There will be a 5-second delay to allow you time to get in position.)
  6. When you are done, press the red start/stop button.
  7. Remove your thumb drive.


Photo of studio setup.

One Button Studio+ is easy to use. The camera, lighting, and microphone are already set up for you.

Photo of closeup of studio thumb drive

Simply insert your thumb drive to begin.

Photo of studio start and stop button

Press the green button if you want to use the green screen behind you. Then press the red start/stop button to begin recording.

Press only the red start/stop button if you do not want the green screen background in your recording.

Photo of gray background screen

Stand in front of the gray screen and begin your presentation. When you're done, press the red start/stop button again.


Note: The setup for some of the One Button Studio equipment featured on these sites might be different from the technology at Gould Library.