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Comics at CCGA: The Engebretsen and Myers Collections

Engebretsen, Myers, and other comic collections

Comics at CCGA

The Engebretsen Collection comprises about 350 volumes, mostly Marvel comics dating from the 1960s. It was donated to the college in 2014 from the Glenn and Sara Engebretsen Trust, to which we are very grateful. 

There are some additional books in the collection and some stand-out volumes, but in general the collection is notable for its representation of the early "Marvel Age of Comics." For example, it includes issues of Spider-Man and Strange Tales by Steve Ditko, Tales of Suspense, Journey into Mystery, Captain America, The X-Men and The Avengers by Jack Kirby, and Jim Steranko's Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. It includes issues of the art magazine Witzend, Steranko's two-volume history of comics, and a Krazy Kat collection.


The Myers Collection dates back to the pre-Crisis DC era and has some real gems in it, including Superman 423 ("What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" by Alan Moore), Crisis on Infinite Earths 7 (the "Death of Supergirl"), and a 1982 anti-smoking comic distributed by Marvel, starring Spider-Man, Storm, and Power-Man. The Green Lantern issues include art by Neal Adams and Gil Kane. Then, the second half of the collection dates from about 10 years later and includes miscellaneous books from the early '90s.

The Myers Collection is not indexed at this time, but it includes:
  • Action Comics (23 issues)
  • Adventures of Superman (6 issues)
  • Firestorm (11 issues)
  • Green Lantern (24 issues)
  • Superman (20 issues)
  • World's Finest Comics (9 issues)
  • and about 35 additional comics, with no more than 1-2 issues per title.