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Make Learning Active! Help Your Students Stay Motivated Using Web 2.0: Online Environment

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Active Learning..Online

In an online environment, instructors can go beyond the traditional use of textbooks and incorporate other resources and materials including videos, articles, and web links...just to name a few!  Varying the presentation method in an online course is just as critical as in a face-to-face environment.

As part of active learning, students need to demonstrate that they understand what they have experienced.  Letting online learners create a wiki or post a on a discussion forum, allows them to practice what they learned. 

The key word in designing an online class or lesson is "engagement."  How do we keep students actively learning? Creating learning activities that promote interaction is imperative.


Voki is an online application that allows users to create personalized avatars.

-Instructors can use Vokis for announcements, greetings or special instructions.

-Students can customize their Vokis to share assignments with the class.

-They are great for introductions!

-Vokis can be used for vocabulary development, character development and giving sample speeches or presentations.

Forums in CMS

If you have the benefit of being embedded in a class or designing your own library class within a course management system, a discussion forum is a great way to foster collaboration between yourself and the students and among the students themselves.  



Using videos in your classroom or assignments is a fun way to present content in a different format. This allows students to experience the content and stay engaged.

YouTube University Channels

Create your own videos or have your students create and share videos

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Screen Sharing Tools is a free screen sharing tool.

It allows groups to share desktops and work collaboratively on projects. 

There is a chat feature that lets you easily communicate with your student.

Quick Screen Share is a free tool that creates a link that you send your students that enables them to see your screen.  You can also take control of their screen which allows you to assist with a task or lesson.


 Online chat provides the spontaneity of natural conversation.  Use chat for brainstorming or review sessions by placing students into small groups.  This allows students to interact with you and each other.

Meebo is a free online chat tool.  You can design widgetts to embed in class pages.



Use Pixton to create your own cartoons. 

-You can design cartoons to walk students through a lesson or to share an example.