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Video Resources at Coastal Georgia Libraries: Advanced Options

Creating Playlists

Want to create a playlist of online videos for each of your courses?  It is an easy way for you to organize the videos that you are using and bring them all up using a single link. 

A log-in is necessary to create a playlist.  At the top of the Films on Demand page, select User Log-in and then Don't have a User ID, Click here to Create One.  Create your log-in account. 

You are now on your personal site from where you can set up playlists customized for your class. 

To add a video to the playlist, click on the .  If you want to select specific video segments, view the segments and then add them to your playlist. 

You will need to name your playlist.  You can view your playlists by selecting My Playlists.  Make sure to get the playlist URL located in the bottom left of the screen. Remember to add to the beginning of each playlist URL if you are sending it an e-mail or adding playlist or video URLs in Blackboard or E-reserves.