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Bullying: Welcome

A guide to sources for bullying research at College of Coastal Georgia.

What is Bullying?

Bullying refers to the use of physical, psychological and verbal aggression to intimidate others to submit to the will of another and/or cause emotional upset.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

There are many warning signs that could indicate that someone is involved in bullying, either by bullying others or by being bullied.  However, these warning signs may indicate other issues or problems, as well.  If you are a parent or educator, learn more about talking to someone about bullying.

Welcome to the Subject Guide for Bullying

 A recent survey by the U.S. Department of Justice states that one out of every four kids is bullied in some way—and that estimate, according to other reports, is too conservative. Why is bullying so widespread? What are the various forms it can take? How should a bullying victim react to intimidation and physical aggression, or—ideally—avoid becoming a victim in the first place? This video addresses those questions as it looks at the root causes and potential solutions to bullying dilemmas. 

For videos on the subject click on the link below.


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