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Get GALILEO Password: Get Galileo Password

GALILEO Password

There are three ways to access GALILEO from off-campus.

1.The box below on the left is a visual step by step slideshow guide to obtaining the GALILEO password.

2.The box below in the center is a quick directional guide for accessing GALILEO through your student D2L homepage portal. 

3.The box on the right is the instructions for logging into GALILEO directly using your CCGA student login and password.

(Click on the tabs above for a page with a larger set of instructions)

If you need additional help click here to contact the library or talk to one of our on-line librarians.



Get Galileo Password Instructions Slideshow

1. From, Click on "Library".

2. Click on GIL-Find.

4. Click here and use your CCGA Student ID and Password to Log-In.

5. Log-In with CCGA User Name and Passsword.

Password will appear In this box. *Note: Refresh page if password does not immediately appear.


GALILEO can be accessed without a password by going to D2L and rolling screen down.

Login With CCGA Student Login and Password