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Get GALILEO Password: Get Galileo Password

GALILEO Password

There are two ways to access GALILEO from off-campus. The box below on the left is a visual step by step slideshow guide to obtaining the GALILEO password. The box below on the right is a quick directional guide for accessing GALILEO through your student D2L homepage portal. If you need additional help click here to contact the library or talk to one of our on-line librarians.

Get Galileo Password Instructions Slideshow

1. From, Click on "Library".

2. Click on GIL-Find.

4. Click here and use your CCGA Student ID and Password to Log-In.

5. Log-In with CCGA User Name and Passsword.

Password will appear In this box. *Note: Refresh page if password does not immediately appear.


GALILEO can be accessed without a password by going to D2L and rolling screen down.