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SOURCE 2020: Microaggressions and Violence at CCGA

Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Exploration

Microaggressions and Violence at CCGA

Click on the image below to access the PowerPoint presentation in Google Drive. To view the presentation with narration, download it, then click the speech icon on each slide.

Screenshot of first slide in presentation

Presentation Details

Title: Microaggressions and Violence at CCGA

Presenter: Megan (Lee) Rist

Faculty Support: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Abstract: A group of undergraduate students conducted a survey to research the prevalence of violence and microaggressions on CCGA. The purpose of our research is to discover whether certain groups (Racial Minorities, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Domestic Violence Victims) experience more violence and microaggressions when compared to people who are not part of these groups. For this research, we created a 43-question survey with 13 demographic questions on the survey creator Qualtrics. The survey had 51 responses and the results are discussed in the presentation.