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Citation and Writing Guides: Introduction

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The Writing Center

The College of Coastal Georgia's Writing Center is in The Correll Center for Teacher Education and Learning on the first floor. The Writing Center provides one-on-one in-depth writing coaching for students, faculty, and staff at CCGA. Coaching sessions focus on developing writing skills by teaching writers about patterns of errors, expectations in writing styles, and what it means to be a writer at the college level.

The Writing Center has three guiding principles, based on Writing Center theory and practice:

  1. Develop the writer, not just the paper.
  2. Even the best athletes need coaches.
  3. Knowledge is fundamentally social.

Visit the Writing Center's web page.

Coaching Session Rules

The Writing Center's Rules and Regulations to Help Make Coaching Sessions Better

Session Duration

  • The Writing Center's writing coaching sessions generally last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Students and coaches may work together for a maximum of 45 minutes. If there is a waiting list, sessions may be reduced in length to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Multiple sessions a week may be restricted due to overwhelming demand or excessive dependence upon the coaches.

No Editing Services

  • Writing center coaches are not professional editors or proofreaders. They will teach students how to edit their own work, and will help to determine patterns of sentence-level errors. However, they will not edit your work for you.

Confidential Documents

  • Writing center coaches are not permitted to review any administrative documents, such as grade appeals or complaints against faculty, students, staff, or administrators. These documents are confidential; therefore, the coaches cannot be involved in their review.

Session Termination

  • Coaches will terminate a session for inappropriate behavior or demands.
  • All CCGA behavioral policies and expectations for ethical conduct apply to writing center coaching sessions.

Any questions about these rules and regulations should be addressed to the Director of the Writing Center: Dr. Jennifer Gray

Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

The following sites have exercises to help you strengthen your grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.

Special Thanks

This Research Guide was created from the template "Citation and Writing Guides," created by Anthony DelRosario at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University. The guide was nominated in February 2010 as one of the Best of Libguides General Citation Guides. Thanks for sharing!