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HIST 2111/2112: Dr. Patrizia Stahle US History 1 and 2: Course Tools: What To Look For In A History Book

What to look for in a "History Book"


1. Does the book discuss your subject in depth or does it just spend just a few pages on it?

2. Does the book cite and/or discuss sources that were consulted in writing the book?

3.  Does the book present a blanced view of the subject?

4. Does the book have a reasonable amount of text or is it filled with large pictures or drawings?

5. Is the book over 100 pages long? If your book is extremely short and/or has very large text it may indiacate that it is a children's book. These are not suitable for your assignment.

6. What is the intended audience for this book i.e. who was it written for?


Slecting a Book

For some people, selecting a book for this assignment is as easy as walking in the library and asking where the history books are. Then they go through the "D" section of the shelf till something interesting pops up. There is nothing wrong with doing this if you find a good book to review but....

There can be some problems in just taking a book off the shelf.

1. Your slection is limited to what is sitting on the shelf at the moment. 

2. You might have a topic in mind, but nothing like that is sitting on the shelf.

3. You have a particular book in mind but the library does not own it or someone has it checked out.


The solution to these problems is to spend a little time learning to use the CCGA GIL Catalog of books.

There are many more books available at the Main Campus Library or other libraries. These can be easily requested and sent Camden Center Library for you to check out and use. 

GIL-Find @

Use this box below to search the CCGA's Library GIL Catalog of Books

The catalog is used to find out if the library owns the book you want and where it is located on the shelf.

Types of Books to Avoid: Children's Book

Here is a good example of a book that might look great choice at first glance but is really unsuitable for this assignment. Can you figure out why? Click on the title to view the GIL Library Catalog record for more clues.

Types Of Books to Avoid: Historic Fiction Novels

Historical Fiction ( i.e.novels that are set in the past)