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Presentations: Guide

Tips on how to do great talks and group presentations

Need a place to prepare for a presentation? Gould Library has a Presentation Practice Room. Make a reservation. (Not available during renovation.)

Presentation Resources

New presentation apps and resources are being created all the time, but this list includes some of the more popular current ones that you can use to make your presentation memorable.

How to Listen

We talk a lot about being great speakers. But what about being great listeners? Whether you're in the classroom or watching a film or communicating one-on-one, listening is important in the exchange of information and ideas. Here are some links with tips for helping you hear:

Be a More Confident Public Speaker

From WatchWellCast

What Makes a Great Talk Great?

From TED Talks

How to Give Good Talks

Planning Tools

One of the challenges of group presentation planning is communication. These tools will help you share information from a distance.

Presentation Ideas

During your presentation, use one or more of these tools to engage your audience.