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The Research Process: A Step-By-Step Guide: Step 5: Legal/Ethical

This guide walks you through the steps of the research process.


The legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of information goes beyond properly citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. Researchers should be knowledgable about isses related to privacy and security, censorship and freedom of speech, as well as have an understanding of intellectual property, copyright, and fair use.

Plagiarism and Citation Sytles

Posted with permission from Pima Community College Library.

Program notes for this tutorial are available online.

Student Responsibility

From the College of Coastal Georgia 2010- 2011 Student Handbook, your responsibilities are listed on page 11.




Students who enroll at College of Coastal Georgia are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and to pursue their studies with integrity.  By enrolling at college of coastal Georgia, students agree to comply with the College's rules and regulations.  When students act as individuals or in concert to violate any of the following College regulations, they have individual and joint responsibility for such violations.


  • A student shall not take passages or ideas from another and use them as his/her own.
  • A student should consult his/her instructor on proper documentation methods.
  • A student shall not receive or give assistance not authorized by the instructor in the preparation of any academic assignment such as an essay, laboratory reports, or examination.
  • A student shall not obtain or attempt to obtain in an unauthorized manner any material pertaining to a class or course work.
  • A student is prohibited from selling, giving, lending or otherwise furnishing to any unauthorized person the questions and/or answers to any examination or test know to be scheduled to be given at a subsequent date.
  • A student shall not fabricate, forge, or falsify information or citations.
  • A student shall not cheat or be dishonest in any way in his/her academic work.
  • Academic dishonesty cases will be dealt with through the Academic Appeals Process.  Appeals of decisions made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, which recommend academic expulsion or suspension, may be made to the Vice President for Student Services for a due process hearing.

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