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Community Partner Clearinghouse: Community Partner Needs

This clearinghouse serves as an information collection and distribution portal to allow community partners to share their needs and for College faculty, students, and staff to view and act on those needs.

Achi Solutions

Achi is a holistic care management company that lowers healthcare patient expenses by actively engaging people and connecting them to organizations to address the social determinants of health.

  • Contact: Tiffani Hill, Tellegacy Program Manager, (912) 785-0252
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Achi currently has a program that serves older adults by matching them with students for weekly calls designed to alleviate some of the isolation and loneliness of their stage of life combined with the pandemic. Students call their older adult and have guided conversations with them, capturing notes that are then used to write the text for actual Legacy memory books. The completed memory books are mailed to the older adults after completion, professional graphic design, and professional printing. They're designed to be treasured by the older adults and then passed down to their families. Students with access to Adobe InDesign can use a provided template to integrate the narrative scripts into the books.
  • Additional considerations: Training before and mentoring throughout the process provided.

St. Vincent de Paul

A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need. We have a Thrift Store (10-4; M-F), Assistance Office (10-3; M & Th), and Food Pantry (10-12; M & Th).

  • Contact: Martha Echert, - (912) 262-6244, 1217 Newcastle Street, Brunswick, GA 31520
  • In person projects/events
    1. Neighbor Resources Project: Identify/research other non-profit organizations in Glynn County; obtain current brochures, pamphlets and other pertinent information (hours/times/availability); update our bulletin board and pamphlets for our counselors to give to neighbors in need;
    2. St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Local Marketing Campaign: Brainstorm, develop and implement a local marketing communications plan for SVdP, St. Francis & St. William Conference
    3. SVdP Local Marketing Campaign: Help brainstorm, develop and implement a local marketing communications plan for SVdP, St. Francis & St. William Conference
    4. Food Pantry Volunteer: Track inventory in the food pantry and help determine weekly menu(s) and purchasing needs
    5. Thrift Store Volunteer: Help as needed to receive, sort, price and/or hang clothes in the thrift store and other tasks as needed
    6. SVdP Georgia Identity Project: help update logo, letterhead, business cards, thank you letters and cards, and signs as needed
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Volunteer Database: Call all current and former volunteers to update our database
    2. Conference Volunteer Newsletter: Brainstorm and develop a one-page informational newsletter; plan and execute monthly as available
  • Additional considerations: Mask use and social distancing encouraged

Forward Brunswick

Forward Brunswick's mission is to inspire community commitment and raise resources to accomplish Brunswick revitalization projects including, but not limited to Amenities, Beautification, and Development.

  • Contact: Erin Granados, Brunswick, GA
  • In person projects/events: 
    1. Pop-up Placemaking: Short term, low cost projects, as a scalable intervention to catalyze long-term change (E.g., temporary bike lanes or trails)
  • Indirect/virtual projects: 
    1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mary Ross Waterfront Park marketing to support the positive impact of the park on local revitalization
    2. Collecting and composing individual stories/oral histories around the Liberty Shipyard in Brunswick, especially those centered on the topics of economic opportunities for women and minority populations, American pride/helping the war efforts, historic preservation, and Brunswick’s coastal location
    3. Creating design for interpretative plaques
    4. Cultivate communications strategy to educate the community on residential and retail development resources
    5. Research on how to be present in the community while operating virtually
    6. Land Bank research on best practices from comparably-sized cities
    7. Research police incentives for recruitment and retention from comparably-sized cities
    8. Content creation for blog postings - Historical creative writing reports about Brunswick or trivia-type creative writing stories about features (History, revitalization, environment, etc.) within Brunswick.
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing

The Brunswick African American Cultural Center

  • Contact: Aundra Fuller, Director:, 912-289-5305 or 912-571-7730
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Research, social media, membership recruitment, volunteer projects, artistic activities, and internships
    2. Student collaboration involves participation in planned projects, intergenerational involvement opportunities, cultural education, internships, youth engagement in creating local heritage, and building on community development​​​​​​
  • Indirect/virtual projects: Our mission and vision is to preserve African American History in the city of Brunswick and County of Glynn as it pertains to the mainland area. Our current projects are:
    1. Creating a timeline for the exhibit area of our building, which includes historic information dating from 1739
    2. A documentary film documenting the local African American historical story
    3. Creating exhibits and oral stories collections
    4. Museum design
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver
  • Additional considerations: Regarding faculty collaboration, local African American History is in serious danger of being lost from lack of preservation and documentation in Brunswick. The BAACC addresses this issue of developing, maintaining, and protecting this cultural heritage. To survive this loss requires relevant community stakeholders' knowledge, skills and resources to forge this community development project. We want to put an emphasis on education about local history. We would like for the College to come together to work with us to save this unique heritage.

Glynn County Public Works and Park Maintence

  • Contact: Dave Austin:, 912-554-7701
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. ​​Neighborhood survey to determine what type of park upgrades the neighborhood would like to see added at their local county part
  • Indirect/virtual projects: 
    1. Web input on county park improvement ideas
  • Safety protocols: Hand washing, using sanitizer

Satilla Riverkeeper

  • Contact: Laura Early, Executive Director,
  • Indirect/virtual projects: 
    1. Planning virtual education and outreach events
    2. Social media marketing
    3. Grant writing
    4. Trash cleanups
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver.
  • Additional considerations: Students may need resources, such as access to GIS and literature resources for research.

Glynn County Animal Control

  • Contact: Tiffani Hill, Manager, 912-554-7501,
  • In-person projects/events: Create "Day in the Life" videos for shelter staff and field officers
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Create a PSA about the new humane dog tethering ordinance
    2. Research and compile statistics regarding pet ownership in Glynn County and create a video or livestream meeting of the findings
    3. Research
    4. Write and create written and/or video PSAs about different responsible pet ownership topics (importance of animal ID tags and microchipping, disaster preparedness for all types of pets - for domestic pets and farm animals, including horses, livestock, etc.)
    5. Importance of spay/neuter, and importance of fun activities (enrichment) for pets
    6. Edit and properly format our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    7. Compile appendix lists for our disaster preparedness and emergency evacuation plan
    8. Record videos reading children's books relating to responsible pet ownership and being safe around dogs that we can put on our website for parents to watch with their kids
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, hand-washing, signed liability waiver

Safe Harbor Family Preservation 

  • Contact: Alician Black, Program Director/Family Support Advocate,, 912-230-5034
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Students can answer calls
    2. Send emails to community providers
    3. Organize files
    4. Provide appropriate paperwork to clients
    5. Assist family support advocates with lifeskill services
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Students can call clients virtually and inform them of community events beneficial to the family, and/or follow up with clients who are using community resources
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver, background check

Young Life Glynn County

  • Contact: Jack Key, Area Director: 912-324-6982
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Going through our leader training program and serving as a Young Life leader in a local school for at least 1-2 years
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver, background check

Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia

  • Contact: Kalista Morton, 912-261-7979
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Food distribution
    2. Delivery to senior shut-ins
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Advocacy and information sharing/communications
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing

Zach's Place

  • Contact: Dr. Sherzine McKenzie, Program Director, Runaway & Homeless Youth
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Interact with the children, working with the case managers
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Materials and donation collections for the children (food, school supplies, book bags, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, etc)
  • Safety protocols: Social distancing
  • Additional considerations: Students must be dependable and responsible when dedicating service hours to Zach's Place.

YMCA of Coastal Georgia/McIntosh County

  • Contact: Carly Lawson, Program Director,, 912-437-9622
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Activities
    2. Lessons
    3. Events with our YBASE after-school program at Todd Grant Elementary
    4. Buddy workouts
    5. Member events within our fitness floor and weight areas.
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver, background check

Sparrow's Nest Food Pantry

  • Contact: Sabra Slade, 912-261-8512 ext. 110
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. We have ongoing food donations that come from the community
    2. We check-in those food items, check dates to make sure they are still good, and stock shelves
    3. From time to time, we can use additional help with this
    4. We also have occasional home delivery requests for food if someone is elderly or doesn't have transportation
    5. This could be a student who is on-call for those requests when they come our way
    6. We are also a part of a large food drive in November in conjunction with a child pageant
    7. They have asked that we have volunteers weigh all the food that is donated
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver. When the food pantry is open to the public, we serve guests requesting food outside only. Only our volunteers and staff are inside the building.
  • Additional considerations: Many times, volunteer needs come up within a few days or a week's notice, so it may not be a weekly-structured time as the need for volunteers may vary. All volunteers need to apply on Faithworks Ministry's website here.

United Way of Coastal Georgia

  • Contact: Janelle Harvey, Community Impact Director:, 912-265-1850
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Assist with the creation of a financial planning database of federal, state and local resources related to financial literacy and stability. An orientation and training are provided for use with the database development and resources
    2. Additional activities may include some financial case management and referrals as needed
    3. This is a quality opportunity for a small group of students or an accounting or public management intern
    4. Successful students may turn this opportunity into a paid position as a Financial Navigator
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. See above, some face-to-face, but opportunity for digital work
  • Safety protocols: Social distancing, confidentiality agreement
  • Additional considerations: Students will need to be proficient in technology use

Safe Harbor Thrift Shop 

  • Contact: Hillary Johnston:
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Clothing drives including gently-used clothing, shoes, accessories, and new underwear for all ages/sizes for Safe Harbor Thrift Shop
    2. Our thrift shop provides clothing, shoes, and accessories for our clients
    3. In addition, new underwear are given to victims of our Rape Crisis Program
  • Safety protocols: Safe drop-off at the Safe Harbor offices downtown

Newpoint Partnership, Inc.

  • Contact: Richard Angerer, Executive Director: 973-747-2166, 809 Monck St., Brunswick, GA
  • Indirect-virtual projects:
    1. While we have a reasonably complete website with the ability to make online donations, the donation function does not seem integrated, and needs changes
    2. We also have a Facebook page, but it is not set up correctly and donations cannot be made through it.
    3. We also need help on other social media platforms
    4. Also, we have a self-developed relational database (LibreOffice Base running on Windows 10) that tracks volunteers, donors, potential donors, symbiotic non-profits, pastors, grant-making organizations, etc
    5. It works fine, but it is not integrated into QuickBooks for donations and we need help to be able to extract the value that the data holds
    6. It would be very valuable to be able to do mail merges, automatic donor receipts, etc.
  • Additional Considerations: Newpoint Partnership is fairly new. We were founded for the purpose of providing housing and a structured transitional program for Christian men who are getting out of a Georgia state prison and wish to be involved in Christian ministry. We partner with local churches to help them utilize the talents of these released men.

Sea Palms West

  • Contact: Ann Pequigney:, 678-793-8152
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. The community of Sea Palms West recently purchased a neglected 9-hole golf course on St. Simons Island, which the 33- residents would like to transform into a green space
    2. The property is linked to a major bike/walking path on Frederica Road, and is used by other residents of neighboring communities and visitors to St. Simons Island
    3. Sea Palms West is looking to partner and engage with Coastal Georgia faculty and students to utilize the green space as a "learning lab," and to help guide planning, goals, and objectives
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing
  • *Sea Palms West partnered with Dr. Kimberly Takagi's Aquatic Biology and Ecology class in Fall 2020.

STAR Foundation

STAR strives to educate and empower adults in our community with the foundational skills needed to thrive personally and professionally.

  • Contact: Markisha Butler, Ed.D.,, 1612 Newcastle St., Ste 105, Brunswick, GA 31520
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Help preparation and at the Annual Gala, Jan 21st, 2022 at St. Simons Lighthouse
    2. Brainstorm and initiate activities centered around STAR’s 25th anniversary during all of 2022
    3. Provide workforce development training in a wide variety of professional/financial skills during class hours Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:00 am
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Help with social media and fundraising for STAR’s Annual Gala and STARgazing Low Country Boil
    2. Training in best practices for social media use
    3. Brainstorming and initiating recruitment and marketing activities and planning
  • Additional considerations: Temperature checks, mask use, social distancing for in-person projects/meetings

Memory Matters

  • Contact: Julie Tharpe,, 912-264-0777, 2803 Sherwood Drive, Brunswick

  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Asset map: Create a list of valuable organizations and services that are most relevant for caregivers and individuals suffering from illness-related memory loss (Alzheimer's disease, stroke, dementia). Example: "Where can I get my mom, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, in home care? She does not have a long-term health insurance plan."
  • Additional considerations: Communication and clearly-defined outcomes and expectations are most important for both parties

Humane Society of Camden County

  • Contact: Jennifer Hutchinson, Volunteer Coordinator:
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Anything that showcases adoptable pets, importance of spaying/neutering, encouraging donations and fostering, etc. would be great!

Oak Grove Cemetery Society

Oak Grove Cemetery Society works to monitor, protect, and provide maintenance on perhaps one of Brunswick's oldest Victorian public cemeteries.

  • Contact: Marcie Jones:, 912-574-9144, 1500 Mansfield St., Brunswick, GA
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Collecting oral histories and converting them to stories for reading or listening
    2. Providing walking tours of the site
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Historical research into who is buried in the cemetery
    2. Educational lesson plans around what is known about the cemetery
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing

Golden Isles YMCA

  • Contact: Foster Hayes, Branch Director, 912-438-9124,
  • In-person projects/events: We have several things that students could do around our facility from:
    1. Outside lawn care/design and building maintenance
    2. Activities with our children in our after-school programs
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver

Downtown Development Authority

  • Contact: Mathew Hill, Executive Director:, 912-265-4032
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Promoting and building the presence of produce vendors at the farmer's market to be able to provide healthy food to snap/ebt recipients and market patrons
    2. We are working with Dr. Danielle Shelton's "Clean your Plate" healthy food initiative and the Georgia Fresh for Less program
    3. This might be an avenue for students to assist with marketing as well as operation.
  • Indirect/virtual projects: See above
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing

St. Mark's Towers

  • Contact: Tresena Bowe, Activity Director: , 912-267-7125, 1 Towers Plaza, Brunswick, GA
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Health, fitness, mental health topics would be very helpful for us
    2. Ideas for easy to prepare, inexpensive meals are another area of need
  • Safety protocols: Our facility is restricted to essential personnel only, so we cannot host any in-person events until further notice.

Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia 

  • Contact: Brian Dolan:
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. In-service training
    2. Service-learning
    3. Education
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Open to ideas
  • Safety protocols: Background check

Safe Harbor Children's Center

  • Contact: Lutas LaBarba, Program Director,, 912-289-9940
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. The residents of Safe Harbor will benefit from mentors or activities with kids, whether on-site or off-site
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Educational groups via Zoom
    2. College students or personnel can discuss/explore majors and college options with our residents
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, background check

Safe Harbor Street Beat 

  • Contact: Jeff Clark, Street Outreach Director, 912-289-9741
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. The Street Outreach Program's focus is to provide assistance to individuals and families who are homeless
    2. It provides connection opportunities to at-risk youth
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Interviewing and developing individualized and family case plans providing dealing with homelessness, family reunification, employment opportunities (workforce development) and life skills
  • Safety protocols: Background check

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center and Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center

  • Contact: Hannah Evors, LCSW, Program Director:, 912-415-7101
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. We have a crisis line used for both emergency child abuse cases and adult sexual assault
    2. The crisis line is manned 24/7 by volunteers
    3. We do require a 30-hour in person training before anyone is able to begin as a crisis line volunteer due to the nature of the work
    4. The work that we do is extremely confidential
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver, background check, drug screening, COVID-19 testing


Jekyll Island Authority and Conservation Department 

  • Contact: Joseph Colbert, CWBA, Wildlife Biologist, 912-635-4187
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Our most important focus this year is to enhance our seed collection capabilities and to further develop a native plant seed bank for restoration and habitat reclamation projects that are coming up in the future
    2. We only have the bandwidth to take on a single intern from any institution during the summer
    3. We'd love to take on interns in the Fall and Spring from Coastal Georgia to enhance our ability to provide professional development to young professionals
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Open to suggestions
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver, background check
  • Addition considerations: For an internship to work with us, we need a dedicated individual who can reliably work with us 2-3 days a week during a dedicated semester. We are also open to working with faculty on class projects that involve field trips or repeated sampling.

Keep Golden Isles Beautiful

  • Contact: Lea King-Badyna, or 912-279-1490
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. "Special Cleanups," - litter cleanups of habitually-littered ecologically-sensitive areas, such as under bridges, near boat ramps and fishing piers, etc. KGIB provides location info, all supplies, and arranges to have the bagged trash removed
    2. Regularly scheduled recycling and litter removal events occur throughout the year, each with different service learning opportunities
    3. In person outreach/education opportunities on a variety of issues/projects
  • Safety protocols: Social distancing, signed liability waiver. KGIB provides hand sanitizer and gloves
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Assisting as KGIB social media ambassadors - forwarding our social media content via their social media platforms
    2. Grant writing for specific projects. Creation of social media materials for specific projects/issues
    3. Creating collateral materials for specific projects/issues (press releases, flyers, brochures, etc.)
  • Safety protocols: As needed and dependent upon current COVID conditions. When needed, mask use, social distancing, hand sanitizer, signed liability waiver for events

4-H Tidelands Nature Center

  • Contact: Dawn Zenkert, Tidelands Coordinator:, 912-635-5032
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Live animal husbandry (marine inverts and fish, as well as reptiles such as alligators, sea turtles, snakes) - aquaria upkeep, basking reptiles, record-keeping, etc.
    2. Work with visitors in live exhibit gallery (answer questions), support on-site program staff, assist with programs (reptile marsh, beach, invertebrate programs, etc) projects to enhance exhibit gallery
    3. For Faculty, we can be a support for classes with collection of live species (marine and reptile), possibly a field trip site; can do outdoor or virtual programs live or recorded, research projects with adjacent Tidelands salt pond and marsh area
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Assist with online virtual programs in the works, live exhibit gallery signs, program curriculum updates, live exhibit husbandry updates, coastal research compilation for reference to staff and visitors
    2. For Faculty, we can support with virtual programs, and perhaps we can coordinate in compiling Coastal Ecology research for staff and visitor reference
  •  Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, self-temperature checks and symptom screening, signed volunteer agreement, online risk management training, background check, hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces

Safe Harbor Children's Center - Adminstration

  • Contact: Keith Fenton, Director of Development:, 912-267-6000
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Safe Harbor Children's Center is seeking to provide a service-learning opportunity for students interested in Marketing and Communications to assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing and communications plan to elevate the organization's brand awareness, increase visibility of its programs and services, and engage donors and supporters through effective communications
    2. Core functions include strategy and planning, brand messaging, internal communications, content creation/'storytelling,' social media engagement, media relations, and community outreach
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver

The Well

  • Contact: Honey Sparre, Director of Homeless, 904-790-9029
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. We are always in need of someone to sit down and talk with our guests at The Well (the daytime hospitality center for those who are experiencing homelessness), and assist them with applying for housing online or getting a resume together to help apply for employment
    2. There are occasions where we also have some manual labor that we could use help with
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Gathering of personal hygiene items, socks, and underwear. We also take prepared food to give out to our guests.
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing, signed liability waiver
  • Additional considerations: That the students would not understand that each guest that we serve has their own story and is not the addict or the convict. They each have a reason that has led them to be where they are today. All volunteers need to apply on Faithworks Ministry's website here.

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia

  • Contact: Heather Wilson, Membership Recruitment Manager:, 912-988-8658
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. We could use help developing recruitment videos to reach out to girls about what Girl Scouts is all about
    2. We also need engaging programs (virtual events) for girls who are online with our badges
    3. For example, first aid, art, STEM, and much more. We could also use help in making phone calls to talk to parents about joining Girl Scouts
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing

Hospice of the Golden Isles

  • Contact: Patricia Burns, Volunteer Coordinator:
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Video for new admissions or education for the family and primary caregiver
    2. Pet care initiative to schedule and provide care for our patients' animals while they are on our services and at the end of life - a program similar to Pet Peace of Mind
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Video for new admissions or education for the family and primary caregiver
    2. Interviewing Hospice of the Golden Isles staff to gather and organize content, etc.
  • Safety protocols: social distancing

St Andrew's Episcopal Church 

  • Contact: Laura Evans, Youth Director:
  • In-person projects/events:
    1. Either a long-term (at least six weeks) presence at after-school programs for fifth, sixth, or seventh-eighth graders (three different programs), including leading some activities, or a visit as a guest to present some expertise or activity
  • Indirect/virtual projects:
    1. Being a guest on a Google Meet call with students
    2. Helping to lead student discussions
    3. Engaging in games, etc.
  • Safety protocols: Mask use, social distancing
  • Additional considerations: Depending on the length of commitment to the program, students may require training on children's safety. My students sometimes don't show respect to adults who visit just once or who attend regularly, but don't join in and win their trust. I would prefer that one of your students attend my programs for several weeks in order to learn children's names, engage in informal interactions (playing games, sharing a meal), help with homework projects, and so on. I think it would be more valuable to both your student and my students if the relationship is a bit longer like that.