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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Emily Bremmer

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Implementation of Odor Nuisance Ordinances in Brunswick, Georgia

Author: Emily Bremmer

Faculty Supervisor: Robin L. McLachlan, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn Environmental Coalition: Rachael Thompson


Brunswick, Georgia lacks the environmental regulations to hold companies that release harmful waste accountable. Many other states have set several ways to quickly identify these harmful substances to better prevent such harm to themselves as well as homes. The local area of Brunswick is home of four superfund sites and is on its way to more. Through research of regulations locally as well as nationally, recommendations have been made for a future proposal of implementing better environmental safeguards. 

Outstanding Student Award

Emily Bremmer

Major: Environmental Science, concentrated in Sustainability, Policy, and Management

Intended Grad Date: May 2023

Emily "worked with the Glynn Environmental Coalition to research the relationships between odor, pollution, and air quality. She ultimately wrote and presented a professional proposal to the GEC Board of Directors urging for Glynn County's nuisance ordinances to include odor complaints. Her work and dedication were greatly appreciated by GEC, and she was awarded with an internship this semester to continue this project.”

- Robin McLachlan, Ph.D.

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