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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Place-Based Learning in the Golden Isles

Place-Based Learning in the Golden Isles

Authors: Cana Bennett, Savannah Bridwell, Anasia Holland, Amanda Rue, and Michael Turner

Faculty Supervisor: Emily Boyle, MAT

Community Partner: Coastal Georgia Historical Society


As education majors we are constantly considering methods of engaging students.  To establish connections between what students learn from the curriculum and themselves, we think it is important to for them to discover and study local history.  According to Giving Compass, "place-based learning can be beneficial to students by helping to deliver a culturally responsive curriculum, develop expertise around digital technologies … strengthen a learner's identity and reinforce a sense of longing and pride in their local environment.”  Through class discussions in English 1102, particularly relating literature to other disciplines, we focused on ways to help teachers engage students in learning about the role of the Golden Isles in World War II.  Using research and presentation skills we learned in class, we have developed ready-to-use ideas local teachers and families could use.  Our presentation will include academic sources exploring “place-based learning,” a study guide that teachers can use when screening “The Golden Isles at War” (which can be streamed for free), and ideas for other activities.