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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Adopting Animals

Adopting Animals

Authors: Gabriella White

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-hand, Ph.D., MFA

Community Partner: Glynn County Animal Services


In this project, I decided to make my topic on the benefits of adopting animals and why people should do it rather than buying them from pet stores. I was lucky enough to be able to work with my local animal shelter. Volunteering for Glynn County Animal services gave me a whole new perspective on shelters, it made me incredibly emotional. I saw lots of dogs in cages and one, in particular, had a really bad infestation of fleas. Convincing people to adopt animals would help our shelters even more and keep more animals off the streets. This project was important because many people do not know the great benefits of adopting animals from shelters and how life-changing it could be. While doing the project I also learned how to find reputable and scholarly sources for my work. My volunteering was to help show that even if you can't adopt an animal, you can give your time and donations to animal shelters. Volunteering helps show people what they can do to help shelters, the reality of what some animals have to go through, and their harsh pasts. I handed out flyers all across Brunswick, telling people why they should adopt animals. People can now spread the information on why buying animals from shelters is so much better than buying them from pet stores. People can also be well informed on what puppy mills are and how they pose a great threat to animal shelters.