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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Making Memory Matter

Making Memory Matter

Authors: Mason Mathie, Annabelle Highsmith, Rachel Thompson, and Chynarea Mells

Faculty Supervisor: Aurora Ramos Nuñez, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Memory Matters


For this service-learning project, we created interactive memory activities to help improve memory for individuals with memory impairments based on the knowledge and concepts learned in class. We partnered with Memory Matters Center to assist clients in their memory loss journey. We first gave a brief overview of memory and how it works before engaging with the clients. Some of the activities included a survival guide for important information that individuals need to remember such as addresses, commonly misplaced items, names, etc.; a song to assist in remembering the order to dress yourself in; word association to help better remember names; lastly a food chart to help with remembering meals eaten. Creating these activities gave us a better understanding on how to practically apply the knowledge of memory processes to real-life situations. This Service-Learning project gives a good foundation of how to work with outside organizations and help those in our local community as well as provided an opportunity to present our work to others. For future Service-Learning projects, it would be beneficial to survey clients helped within the organization to see if the activities and strategies presented were effective in the improvement of memory. A pamphlet that contains a brief synopsis of memory could be provided to the center to continuously inform the clients about memory structures and processes.