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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Pet Overpopulation

Pet Overpopulation 

Authors: Emily Rocha and Sarah Dickerson 

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-Hand, Ph.D., MFA

Community Partner: The Humane Society of Camden County


Our goal for our Service-Learning project was to spread awareness about pet overpopulation and ways to prevent it. The main ways to prevent overpopulation that we were trying to share are neutering/spaying pets and adopting from local shelters. We created a Visual Argument Flyer to persuade people to adopt from local shelters and distributed them throughout Brunswick.

We worked with the Humane Society of Camden County and made "Day In The Life of A Pet Owner" videos for the Humane Society of Camden County to post on their Facebook volunteer page. One video focused on the responsibilities of owning a pet (including feeding and spending time with them) while the other video focused on more of the fun side of owning a pet (including pets having their own personalities and doing silly things throughout the day).

The Service-Learning outcome of this project help to show how people can prevent an overpopulation of pets. By adopting from local shelters, helps open up spaces for other animals at the shelters. It also showed us how to work community partners and help us understand what these organization do. By completing this project, we helped spread awareness of pet overpopulation and how people can help out. It also helped us promote our local shelter by encouraging others to adopt. We hope for people to continue adopting from local shelters and spreading the word on way for people to prevent pet overpopulation.