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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Sun Safety

Sun Safety 

Authors: Lauren Brooker, Alexis Darley, Felisha Famble, Caitlin Lewis, Krissy Merva, Briana Mullineaux ,Josh Westmoreland, and  Madison White.  ASN Students, CCGA.

Faculty Supervisor: Beverly Rowe RN, MSN, CNE

Community Partner: FACES Pre-K, Glynn County


When given instructions regarding our Service-Learning project, our group immediately acknowledged the age group that we would be working with would be preschool children ages 4-5 years old. Group five decided to write a script for a puppet show to teach this group of young children the importance of sun safety. We incorporated ideas that would include application of sunscreen, examples of protective equipment, and times when to seek shade while out in the sun. Not only did we teach about sun safety, but we also put together treat bags for each student at FACES Pre-School that would include items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a visor, and SPF lip balm.  The group felt a sense of achievement while working on this project for more reason than one. We were eager to provide these items to children who may not have access or be able to afford these otherwise. It was important to our group to teach these children at an early age about being safe in the sun to prevent skin cancer and other injuries such as a painful sunburn. Civic learning and academic enhancement of these topics of staying safe in the sun is essential since these children live in a sub tropic climate with many beaches, waterways, and outdoor activities. By providing these children at an early age about these age-friendly tips, advocating health promotion, and modeling sun smart behavior, personal growth in this young community will follow.