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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Memory Does Matter

Memory Does Matter

Authors: Robert Mahas, Makayla Natoli, Makenzee Teague, and Kenna Waters

Faculty Supervisor: Aurora Ramos Nuñez, Ph.D. 

Community Partner: Memory Matters


We were able to partner with Memory Matters, a center for those with memory impairment, to both educate as well as aid them in their journeys with memory. To do this, we compiled a variety of activities that would work to assist them with their ability for both memory formation as well as retention. At the facility, we began with a presentation of the inner workings of memory as an introduction to the activities. This presentation included the foundational components of memory, including the difference between the types of memory: sensory, short-term, working, as well as long-term. The activities were then introduced, and afterward the clients were divided into smaller groups that best fit their specific needs regarding memory. Being able to work with these individuals proved to have a huge impact, as it exposed us to the concrete vulnerability of memory impairment, going beyond the academic understanding we once had. Developing and implementing the memory strategies for Memory Matters gave us the opportunity to apply the information we learned in class to real life.