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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Literacy Fair

Literacy Fair

Authors: Manas Patel

Faculty Supervisor: Anelise Farris, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Brunswick High School


The literacy fair was held at the Brunswick High School track and field grounds and I was one of many volunteers to help set up. Different schools had their own tents to organize various books for all grade levels. I was a volunteer who was there to assist in setting up as many tents as possible along with directing the parents and their children around the track field. More importantly, the children were able to get numerous novels at no cost, allowing students from various socio-economic backgrounds to engage in literature. Through many of the readings and lectures, I have continuously seen education be a viable escape from poverty, but I also have seen that for many pursuing education can be nearly impossible due to their impoverished circumstances. This makes it important for us as a community to donate books to local libraries and try to battle poverty with education.