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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Food Fight Champs

Food Fight Champs

Authors: Wade Nobilio, Lily Adams, and Chante' Overstreet

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Eat'n Together


For our project we had two major elements that we created for our Service Learning Partner. Our first element was a multi fuctional flier and a promotional video for our partner in assisting with a promotional campaign they are doing. Our flier was made generally so Eat'n Together could post it periodically when they need to just post informational content. Our video was made directly in support of the promotional campaign they are trying to do to garner public support. Lily's experience with this helped her realize that she had the ability to make a difference in her community. Chante's experience with Eatn Together was developing a philanthropic nature that made her want to giver back to her local comminity in greater ways. Wade's experience with Eat'n Together was learning the importance of constant comminication in a small team, and how to better support the mission of the group.