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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Financial Literacy in Community

Financial Literacy in Community

Authors: Preet Patel

Faculty Supervisor: Anelise Farris, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn County Schools, Erica Veal


For my service-learning project, I decided to volunteer at the Glynn County Schools Literacy Fair where schools, organizations, and authors came to Brunswick High School’s track. At this fair, each booth had its own book that they were advertising as well as treats and prizes for kids to earn. My job as a volunteer was to do any miscellaneous tasks they needed such as setting up tents, organizing books, giving out tickets for free books and etc. During this project, I was able to see my community working towards literacy and see children of all ages come to get free books. It is very important to spread literacy because it was one of the most fundamental skills everyone needs to have. I think that volunteering there made me more connected with my community because I had a hands-on experience with helping with this event and had all sorts of interactions with the people there.