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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Donation to Combat Poverty

Donation to Combat Poverty

Authors: Daniel Rosevelt

Faculty Supervisor: Anelise Farris, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn County YMCA


I worked with the YMCA at Glynn County to donate books to children who can’t afford them. This is to guarantee that they still can access an education despite the situation they are in. This relates to our project because we discussed poverty and its impacts.This personally impacted me by making me think about those who are less fortunate than me and what other things I can do to help. It was also rewarding to give, knowing that I help someone in my community out. I feel like this will be helpful on a greater scale because children need books to be inspired and educated. More educated, driven, and inspiring children make a beautiful community in the long run as they continue to contribute to it.